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Alexander deVaron is a composer, singer, and teacher of music and meditation.

He began writing music in high school, and has continued composing ever since then. His work falls into three broad categories: contemporary classical; music to accompany theatre and dance; and melodic settings of texts from the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions. Alexander is on the faculty of Temple University's Boyer College of Music, where he teaches private lessons and classes in composition, as well as courses in music theory and world music.

Alexander is also an avid singer. He teaches private lessons in voice, and leads workshops in mindfulness and vocal training. A great believer in the power of group singing, he leads community-based choirs whenever he gets a chance. Currently he is the conductor of the Cheltenham Adult Education Sing for Fun Choir.

Alexander has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 1986, and currently serves as Shastri (senior teacher) for the Philadelphia Shambhala Center. He is on the faculty of the Penn Program for Mindfulness, where he teaches the foundation course in stress management.

Please visit the music page to hear some of his work, and the prose page to read some of his writing on music, meditation, and the wonderfully fertile ground where they overlap.